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January 25 2015


Celebrating Chinese Spring Festival (Lunar New Year)

Among the various celebrations and festivities for the Chinese, Chinese New Year is always deem the most important of all. Chinese families living in different part of the country or the world will make it a point to gather together for Chinese New Year (CNY). This is very similar to the Western concept of getting together during Christmas.

Chinese New Year is also known as Lunar New Year as well as The Spring Festival. The Chinese Year is also symbolized by an animal, very much like the Western Zodiac. The animal to symbolize CNY 2006 is The Dog.

Myths of Chinese New Year

There are many myths as to how Chinese New year came about.

The most common one is that in ancient China, every year, a big monster would come out during the beginning of the year and start devouring people and crops. One day, a villager suggested firing off fire crackers, bang loud gongs and fly red banner to try to frighten off the monster.

It worked! From then onwards, people would always fire off loud fire crackers, beat gongs and drape their houses with red banner to ensure the big, bad monster never return again. Till today, Chinese New Year is still celebrated in the traditional manner.

Of course, that's just a myth. In reality, the Chinese uses a Lunar Calendar which is different from the Georgian or Western calendar, and so, the start of the Lunar new year is time for celebration, very much like New year on the Western calendar. It is also the time when crops are fully harvested and preparations are made for the new planting year and people have some time to rest and celebrate. This is why Chinese New Year is sometimes known as The Spring Festival.

Start of CNY Celebrations

CNY celebrations starts with a reunion dinner on the eve of CNY. This is where family members get together, no matter where they are in the country or the world, and sit down for a good meal. Reunion dinner is always celebrated at home but in recent years, more and more families tend to have their reunion dinner in a good restaurant.

After dinner, true to the Chinese nature, playing cards and marjong tiles will appear and a gambling session amongst familiy members will start. Once the clock strikes twelve, this is where you will hear firecrackers and fire works being fired off everywhere. The firecrackers mark the official start of CNY.

In recent years, the Chinese government has clamped down on firecrackers and fireworks in the cities because of fire hazards. Today, the lighting of fireworks is most likely to happen in the villages and countryside only.

Chinese New Year is celebrated with visiting of relatives and friends. Everyone is expected to wear new clothes and shoes and the popular color is obviously RED! There is always good food and drinks and children are rewarded with red packets or 'hong-pow' from adults. These red packets will contain money and is a major source of 'wealth' for children for the rest of the year.

Adults will chit-chat and catch up with one another. They are also likely to have gambling sessions with friendly stakes. Meantime, children will be having new year goodies, games and playing with fireworks.

In town centres and TV stations, there will be displays of dragon and lion dance, acrobats, traditional chinese dance and songs, stilt walkers, Chinese Opera, wushu performances and other traditional chinese performances.

In the olden days, festivities will last for 15 days while today, most people will celebrate for 3-4 days and spend the rest of time at home.

Chinese greetings for Chinese New Year

If you have Chinese friends, do visit them at home during CNY and you will be most welcomed. Make sure you learn a word or two of CNY greetings.

The most common are:

"Gong Xi Fa Cai" - Have a prosperous new year

"Zu Ni Nian Nian You Yu" - Wishing you a abundant year

"Sing Nian Kuay Le" - Happy New Year.

Also, you may like to bring two oranges when visiting. This indicates that you are bringing wealth to the family. If the Chinese family is someone that you are familiar with, you may even want to give red packets (containing a token sum of money) to their children. If you have children, you are most likely to receive red packets for them as well.

Chinese New Year Book by Christina Huo

January 20 2015


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December 22 2014


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November 07 2014


Producing Candy Utilizing Molds

These days, you do not have to go to the grocery to buy chocolate. Just like cookies, these can be house made as extended as you have the components and the materials. The most crucial to make chocolate are on sale here.

Molds are generally made of plastic and these can be bought from craft shops. Most of these expense about a dollar up so if you want to make these in different shapes and sizes, you have to buy a bunch.

Now that you have your mold, you should also buy the raw chocolate which is also accessible from the craft shop. This is accessible in different flavors and colors so you can mix them up later on.

There are two techniques to melt chocolate. The initial is to cut the chocolate block into little pieces and then place this in a microwave secure bowl just before sticking it in the oven. Given that it is really difficult to see if all the chocolate has ultimately melted, we now come to the second alternative which is to melt it making use of a double boiler.

A double boiler consists of two pans. The initial one has water although a smaller one is placed on leading which is where the chocolate will be placed. You then stir the chocolate until melts. When everything is now in liquid kind, you then get your mold and pour the chocolate.

You should tap the bottom to take out air bubbles out of the chocolate otherwise there will be holes later on when they come out of the freezer. If you determine to place in candy sprinkles or marshmallows with your chocolate, it is best to pour them into the boiler.

Following ten minutes or so, the chocolate mold inside the freezer is ready to be taken out. A good indicator is to verify the bottom of the mold and see if the chocolate is nevertheless holding on to the mold.

If it is ready, then it is time to flip it over and tap it gently so it can land on a soft surface like a napkin to prevent it from breaking. An additional approach is to cautiously pour water on the mold. But if it is not, then you should place the mold back into the freezer.

The nice point about operating with chocolate is that if is should crack or break, you can recycle it which prevents wastage. If you make a mistake when you are painting it, donít touch it and wait until it freezes so it is easy to remove and you can begin over.

When it is ready, you can serve this as component of your dessert but if you are providing this away as a present, make positive you discover a nice box because it should appear presentable to whoever will be getting it.

Surely the molds you employed to make chocolate will be employed in the future. To maintain it, you must in no way wash this with soap as this removes its slickness. You should also cautiously dry it following washing because it could result in spots to seem creating it also challenging for the chocolate to be released from the mold.

But if your chocolate mold is sticky, perhaps you should coat it initial lightly with some vegetable oil just before you pour in the melted chocolate.

Producing chocolate making use of molds is entertaining. You may not get it perfect the initial time but as time goes by, you are positive to get much better at it.

September 07 2014


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September 02 2014


The Very Best Grill Tools - http://bit.ly/bbqaccessories #BBQ

September 01 2014


Grilling Accessories Kit

For many grillers, bbq isn't a chore - it is a pasttime, an obsession. It is time away from responsibility, the fresh air of the outdoors, the warmth of summer or the chill of winter, the setting sun or the afternoon heat. No matter the time, no matter the spot, grilling is an escape from the mundane - it is much more than cooking.

For these grillers, only the greatest gear will suffice. The largest grills, the greatest smokers, the most aromatic wood chips and charcoal. There is never an unnecessary tool or an unwarranted technique. And for these grillers, a BBQ tools set is the ideal cherry on the sundae, the epitome of talent of style. The ideal present, the ideal reward and even the ideal self-appreciation, there is no griller who will not appreciate a BBQ tools set.

Finding the Very best

There is a BBQ tools set for each griller, and for each occasion. These sets are not all the same, and interest need to be paid to get the set that matches the wants and desires of the griller. Although most barbecue tools can be bought alone, there are many rewards to getting sets. For one, they usually come in a good case that both protects the tools from the elements and keeps them ordered and in constant reach.

Also, whilst sets contain the essentials, such as forks, tongs, knives and brushes, they also include some obscure tools that might not be readily identified separately, but which can totally revolutionize a grillerís hobby. Also, a BBQ tools set will be styled and thematic- the handles, whether or not wood or rubber, will all match, and the designs of the tools themselves will be similar, creating the look of a griller who knows precisely what he or she is carrying out. Even barbecue tools should exhibit a sense of decor, and nothing says style much better than a matching BBQ tools set.

The greatest BBQ tools set to obtain will most likely be stainless steel. Stainless steel does not rust, and as much grilling is carried out outdoors, tools need to be able to withstand the elements and any number of weather modifications. Even the act of cooking produces a lot of moisture that can rust other sorts of metals, and washing the tools can also be hazardous to more affordable, significantly less-sturdy tools. Stainless steel tools are also some of the most striking, and will usually match the stainless steel of the grill itself. In the end, both function and style are crucial, and with a BBQ tools set, a griller can do virtually something, and look great whilst carrying out it.

A devoted BBQ Grill Brush is also extremely advised. I like brass grill brushes as I have a porcelain coated grill. My preferred is the Optimal Grill Brush - Choose one on Amazon.com

August 31 2014


BBQ Stores

Barbecue Stores Are For Barbecue Afficionados

If your passion is barbecueing in your yard, on your decking or by the swimming pool then you will need to discover the newest and greatest Barbecue products and accessories obtainable. You can browse the world wide web, Amazon or pay a visit to nearby discount stores, but the greatest spot to discover things for the passionate Barbecue griller is a Barbecue retailer.

A Barbecue retailer will have the very greatest in accessories, barbecue grills, gas logs and patio furnishings. Every thing you could ever need for entertaining or simply having a quiet evening with your Barbecue set. You can now style your own, Garden Kitchen, which will demand particular gear to fit your needs and a contractor to build it. All of these specialty things can be discovered at a Barbecue retailer.


A BBQ retailer will have expert sales folks to respond to each of your queries about barbecue and its necessary tools. They can discover the perfect Barbecue grill for your needs and the furnishings for you to sit on while you are cooking and can even suggest the perfect bottle of wine to match with your barbecue banquet. A Barbecue retailer will have BBQ classes for the beginner griller or seasoned ones to discover new fads in bbq. They will supply recipes for the Barbecue banquet of your desire including many other tasty bbq specialities.

Every barbecue tool made for cooking will be in a barbecue retailer, as will gloves, barbecue cleaning brushes, aprons, coal and insect repellent. They will have a grocery counter containing rubs, sauces, seasonings and cookbooks. They have full lines of patio and summer furnishings. They have gaslogs and fireplace screens. Most barbecue stores have full selections of drinks for all situations but mainly for bbq. They will have a full selection of indoor/outdoor sound systems and host and hostess gifts for the crazy griller. Every thing and anything you could want to go with your barbecue meal or to make with it can be discovered in a barbecue retailer.

When you walk into a BBQ retailer there are delectable smells from the in retailer grilling demonstrations that will make you want to acquire a new grill immediately. Even if you just wanted to browse the retailer and did not intend on buying anything, the divine smells wafting via the air will alter your thoughts.

You will quickly walk more than to the BBQ demonstration and join in so that you can get a sample of what is cooking on the grill. For the avid griller this experience is awesome. He can banter back and forth with the cook and learn all types of new tricks for grilling. Maybe the perfect gift for the crazy griller is a gift certificate to pay a visit to the nearby BBQ retailer.


August 26 2014


Essential Barbeque Tools for Preparing Food

Every little thing becomes a great deal easier once you have the right tools. Even a bad bbq cook can have much better outcomes with the right tools. If you thought that your bbq was the only tool you needed then think again. Barbecue tools are crucial to help you start the entire process. Getting juicy succulent meat needs to start just before it even hits the grill.

To attain BBQ perfection you require the right BBQ tools to prepare your meats ahead of time. Good preparation makes your meat taste excellent and it also makes the entire process go a lot easier and more quickly. You spend much less time slaving over the grill and a lot more time chilling.

Basting and Tenderizing

BBQ tools contain excellent basting brushes and meat tenderizers. If you program on grilling steak then you will require a good meat tenderizer to prepare your cut. Apart from the old skool meat hammer there are other varieties of meat tenderizers available that demand much less effort on your side.

Use a excellent meat tenderizer that will develop heat channels all through the meat by creating uniform holes. This will give you quicker cooking times and meat that is tender and flavorful.

Basting brushes are invaluable Barbecue tools to maintain meat moist. A great basting brush will enable you to evenly coat meat rapidly whilst it is grilling. As anyone who has grilled much before knows, without frequent basting meat becomes dry rapidly and even worse can get burnt. Keep your meat protected by purchasing a excellent basting brush.

Keeping it Together

Your arsenal of BBQ tools must also contain some excellent skewers. Locate some non-stick skewers that you can use in the course of your subsequent barbeque and you will discover that items go along a lot simpler. Not only are they handy for grilling smaller cuts of meat but also they are also very versatile barbeque tools.

Skewers can be sued to make kebabs, grill veggies or fruit and even hold chicken into place. A lot of space is thrown away when you are grilling smaller chunks of meat at a barbecue. So save room by using skewers and optimizing the heat for a lot more meat. Skewers occasionally come in fork shapes and are excellent for creating a lot more kebabs than conventional skewers would.

Clean Up

Following the party is finished you want to clean up. Cleaning a grill appears like a lot of hard function after a extended day out in the sun. Make your life easier with a excellent grill brush or scrubber. If you are worried about ruining your nails use a holder that will hold a scrubber in spot whilst you clean your grill.

August 25 2014


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How to Freshen up Your Grill

In the video beneath I am going to show you how to clean a grill and what is the very best tool to use for this objective.



August 10 2014


Take a peek at this video about How to clean a #BBQ Grill http://youtu.be/YaptlFmQoVw

August 09 2014


How to Clean Your Grill

In the video under I am going to show you how to clean a grill and what is the most effective tool to use for this purpose.



August 07 2014


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August 06 2014


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